Start Your Entrepreneurial Journey with StartupHERE Toronto

StartupHERE Toronto is an initiative taken by Toronto, Canada. It encourages all the entrepreneurs all across the globe to come and start-up their entrepreneurial journey in Toronto. Their motto is “every entrepreneur, in every sector, in any neighborhood”, is welcome to come and work in Toronto. This initiative is popular in Toronto with the hashtag of #startuphereto. Toronto takes a lot of pride in entrepreneurs and innovators.

Advantages of choosing Toronto

  • Toronto is well connected to all the major business hubs of the world namely- Chicago, New York, Washington, and Boston. All these places are within 90 minutes’ reach through a flight.
  • Toronto is extremely rich in diversity. There are over 180 spoken languages and dialects spoken in Toronto.
  • Toronto is very rich in talent. Universities in Toronto make it to world’s top universities list,
  • Toronto has been rated the world’s best country to live in North America.
  • Toronto has a lot of potentials for entrepreneurs to grow and develop their enterprise.

Support provided by Startup HERE Toronto

  • Finance

The Startup HERE Toronto website has a list of companies and institutions that could be potential investors in your startup. There are over two hundred companies interested in funding. You can filter out investors according to your target market, the industry you are a part of and the services you’re going to engage in.

  • Co-working spaces

Toronto has a lot of co-working spaces that encourage collaborations, training as well as networking amongst the people.

  • Competitions

Toronto has a lot of competitions and challenges that the entrepreneurs can participate in, to get more exposure.

  • Pre-incubation

There are a lot of programs and workshops in Toronto that help entrepreneurs think of innovative ideas.

  • Accelerators

Toronto pushes entrepreneurs to ensure the rapid growth of their business over a limited period of time.

StartupHERE Toronto café

Startup HERE Toronto café enables all entrepreneurs to come together and build networks. The café is basically a bridge between entrepreneurs and entities such as funders, investors.







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