Give your cars the best treatment with INKAS Armored Vehicle

INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing (BVM) is a major Canadian producer of armored vehicles, including SUVs for managers, sedans, military trucks, personnel carriers, cash-in-transit vehicles, etc. INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing produces armored trucks for the world’s governments, law enforcement agencies, business customers and civilians since 2000. Global sales and factories of the organization are distributed worldwide.

Why will anyone choose INKAS Armored Vehicle?

  • INKAS Armored Vehicle produces a broad range of blind and bullet-resistant vehicles including protected motorcycles, luxury cars, limousines, military aircraft, cash-in-transit trucks, blindfolded buses, etc. For its corporate and organizational customers, INKAS often manufactures international blindness vehicles for special purposes.
  • All INKAS vehicles are reinforced to make them more resistant against assaults of various types with specific composites and metal placement systems. Such vehicles have been equipped in all forms of defense situations, either a bat-bearing intruder or concerted assault of explosives and/or weapons.
  • All staff of INKAS is highly skilled, extremely qualified and experienced professionals. Their engineers have shown expertise in the design and implementation of creative efficient solutions focused on their extensive knowledge of all facets of ballistic protection and detailed knowledge of potential threats and countermeasures.
  • At INKAS they use only our armored vehicles with approved products. Both their components were checked both by our professional shooting personnel and by external laboratories. Several international organizations have accredited themselves in order to become a credible, well-known producer of blind cars.

For almost 20 years, the INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing industry has produced bulletproof weapons. They have continually adjusted our armoring approach to ever-changing technology during this time. Their experts, institutional profundity, safety culture, and industry experience offer high quality armoring and assembly. INKAS is a world-leading metal processing system supplier using the latest array of CNC machines for slicing and bending. The use of the new laser cutting and bending engineering which does not impact the metal structure ensures that we are capable of supplying blinded automobiles that guarantee safety and security.

Service and Maintenance policy:

Please enter a VIN number when submitting our service application form when you bought your blinded vehicle from INKAS Armored directly so we can more easily recognize your vehicle’s features, and support you with buying your blinded car parts. You fully realize the urgency behind most requests for replacement blinded vehicle pieces and promise to deliver your pieces quickly and efficiently.


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