All You Should Know About Burial Insurance And Terms Related To It

Insurance is a precautionary way of financially protecting yourself in times of crisis. There are many kinds of insurances, like car insurance, health insurance, home insurance, life insurance, etc. Another very popular kind of insurance is Burial insurance.

It is a subcategory of life insurance that aims at paying for customs and merchandise required during the burial services of the insured person. This policy can be very easily purchased online or over the telephone without the intervention of the insurance company’s doctor exam as it does not require any medical examination. Mention it in your form and convey it to your agent before signing the final policy forms and documents.

You will be asked general questions concerning your lifestyle, like if you smoke or if you have any terminal medical condition. In some companies, this policy is guaranteed, but in some, you need to pay a two-year premium before you become eligible for claiming it. Only a hundred years of coverage is provided under this insurance.

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Features of the Burial Insurance

The various features of this policy are-

  • It is a cash-based policy which means its value grows with time
  • It is very economical and can be a cheaper alternative for very expensive life insurance. Thus the premiums for this are lesser than for those of the policies with larger benefits
  • The premium for Burial insurance is fixed and do not change with time
  • This insurance provides permanent coverage
  • Some of the expenses covered under this insurance include funeral ceremony, funeral procession, casket, etc.

Why should I opt for burial insurance?

Many consumer advocates have labelled it as predatory insurance aimed at targeting people who are less educated or have a low income or are the minority. Citing that a medical exam is not required to qualify for its acceptance, which is guaranteed is a fish bait and is highly risky. For the insurance company to make a profit, the premiums should be high in comparison to the benefits provided. However, even people with very serious health issues qualify for this insurance.


People purchase burial insurance for various reasons. It includes ensuring that the survivors are left with enough funds so that they can pay for the post-death services and customs. Another reason is to fulfil the insured candidate’s desire for a lavish funeral service, cremation and other burial customs.



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