A beginner’s guide to Pointsbet sign-up bonus

When you sign up with Pointsbet you have some terms which not all players are aware of. Let us take a brief look at what all these includes. Let us start out with the steps that will help us with the pointsbet sign-up bonus.

What do these steps include?

  • You need to get access to the official website of Pointsbet.
  • Then you will need to fill in all your personal details and enter the promo code that you have
  • The next step after this requires you to make your first deposit
  • Then you will need to place your first wager
  • You are guaranteed to receive the sign-up bonus after all these steps are fully completed

But in order to gain the benefits from this offer, you will have to see that all the requirements that they have asked for are met. So, now, you must be wondering what are these requirements that you need to fulfill, isn’t it? Come on let’s check them out.

The deposit that is made by the player needs to be done through a credit card then only he or she will be eligible to avail the offer.

The residents of NSW, SA, WA, and VIC will not be entitled for the offer. The bonus of the deposit must be used only on a single bet on the fixed odd markets that are eligible.

Also, if you are not aware then you need to know that Pointsbet will not offer any live streaming even though they do accept bets. There are many events that they will be covering up for over the wide variety of sports that they have to offer and this will include both national as well as international.

The popular market for live betting include:

  • Ice hockey
  • Rugby
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Cricket

The payment options which are available for Pointsbet:

Well, there are no many options available for banking with Pointsbet but they do have some options for payments and they are bank transfer, MasterCard and visa. At times there are bonus offers which can be availed only on a specific mode of payment. So, you need to read the terms and conditions well before you sign-up for anything.

Well, the Pointsbet platform is quite new and the great news that they have to offer is spread betting. So, after you have figured the pointsbet platform and its overview and you seem to be satisfied with it then you can sign up for it.


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