Why people not relaying on detective agencies recently

Individuals contact detective agencies for many reasons. The main reason for going to a detective agency is on the basis that one feels that police might not show much interest in investigating and there won’t be privacy if police are involved. And we can’t relay for every investigation to police like inspecting someone’s activities. But some of the detective agency is misusing the trust that the clients have on them by not providing the details they want and going silent after getting huge sum of money assuring they will complete the investigation that the clients require.

One such detective agency operating in Delhi is venus detective agency who have a record of fraudulent that they done over the years.  Some of the customer reviews is enough to show how much a client should not trust that agency.

Review from a client

A client review says that they ensured to give them more than 100 percent of result but once they made its almost impossible to even talk with them. The key pillar of the venus detective agency are making money just by fooling people who are in need of their help. In his case, he wanted to reunite with her ex-girlfriend as she broke all contact and shifted her company and location too.

So he thought he should opt for some detective agency and ask for their help in searching his girlfriend and so he searched for detective agency in internet where he found venus detective. He explained his case to them and they asked for half lakhs rupees from him and assured him that they will definitely find her as soon as possible.

Once the payment has been done, even the sales girl stop accepting his calls and so he started enquiring to owner of the detective directly who again lied that they couldn’t able to find the girl and if they need to investigate more , he should pay more. He got desperate by their act and asked for the report that what they did so far but they insisted money assuring they will find the girl if he makes another payment along with the report he is insisting to see.

Result of desperation

Later he found this was full of cheating as none of the person from detective agency attends his call and rejects it if they find out it was him even if he calls from different number. He fed up and gave up his attempts in reaching the agency and his girlfriend as both are unreachable. This kind of detective agency makes people to think bad about all detective agency and loses trust from them.


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