Web hosting services in India

What is Web Hosting?

If one puts the term web hosting into simple terms, it is basically a service that lets an organization or individuals to put up a webpage or a website across the internet through a parent domain or a private domain.

To enable this, web hosting service providers are setup. It is a generally a company or rather a platform that has the access to technologies and services to have your webpage or website viewed over the internet. All these information or websites that are posted or stored are collected in parent computers that are called servers. So, a user can simply log in the details of the website/webpage through web address and can access the servers directly from the browser.

What are the features of a web hosting site?

A web hosting service has the following features to let one have the proper access to their servers and give a smooth access to the workings of their websites or pages.

Some of the most basics are: –

  • FTP Access: – FTP stands for File Transfer protocol which is an essential feature in web hosting, it lets you transfer files from your local computer to the website.
  • Website creator: – there are some online sites that lets you create and host website easily. They have a simple and easy interface to let your website going in just some mere minutes. Most web hosting services are linked to these online websites creators and work in together to put up your site effectively.
  • Email Support: – Most hosting providers requires their user to have their own domain name and for this also a domain email is required. For instance, for a domain like xyz.com, an associated email account is always required, username@xyz.com.

What are the top web hosting sites in India?

There are several companies in India that provides web hosting service across their server but below list are the top 10 web hosting companies in India that allows it users with the most valuable features.

  • in
  • com
  • Bluehost
  • InMotion Hosting
  • com
  • Hosting Raja
  • Host Monster
  • com
  • Site Ground
  • A2 Hosting.

What should one look for before going for web hosting services?

There are certain things one must check for in order to access these hosting services. These are; Compatibility, whether your OS supports the web hosts or not. Reliability, the servers should be reliable enough to not face server down issues every once in a while. Bandwidth, a fast server is always preferred, as no one likes a website that loads slowly, so always be careful of your bandwidth status. And lastly, Security, it is best to look for web hosts that comes with firewalls and backup tools, so that you won’t lose your websites in case of server failures.

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