Review Of Narcolepsy Studies Near Me:

What is Narcolepsy?

Narcolepsy is a neurological condition wherein a person has excessive daytime sleep resulting in irregular sleep patterns. It is assumed to be caused either by an autoimmune disorder or family history or due to a brain injury. It is to be noted that around 0.05% of US population are affected by the disorder while narcolepsy studies near me have suggested that one among 2000 people across the globe is suffering from this disorder. Narcolepsy can be broadly categorised into two types.


  • Type 1: This is associated with cataplexy. Cataplexy is described as a condition where loss of voluntary muscle control takes place due to rush of emotions of sadness, stress or just laughter that leads to a sudden physical collapse.
  • Type 2: It is narcolepsy that is without the effect or association of cataplexy.


Many narcolepsy studies near me have derived correlation between the occurrences of narcolepsy along with the reducing number of oroxin producing neurons. Oroxin is believed to be a type of neuropeptide that’s responsible for having that transition between sleep and consciousness. But the research hasn’t been able to exactly derive the whole mechanism of occurrence of narcolepsy in the first place. Oroxin is also found to play a vital role in metabolism process and feeding along with the autonomic tone that add to the symptoms being associated with narcolepsy. Loss of neurons has been associated with narcolepsy but its exact mechanism is yet to be decoded by the researchers in this field.

Causality and Effects:

  • Sleepiness occurs during the day time leading to lack of concentration, reduced productivity and lethargy.
  • Affects mental health and causes irritation and anger.
  • Excessive daytime sleep can also lead to sleep paralysis thereby decreasing the quality of sleep during the night time.
  • Hallucinations have also been reported by some patients in rare cases.
  • Sleep paralysis is basically loss of voluntary muscle control during sleep wake interface.


The exact causality hasn’t been established by narcolepsy studies near me and has been linked to various other causes too. While in about 1/10th of cases family history has been established others remain uncertain. An autoimmune disorder can also lead to narcolepsy by having low levels of oroxin neuropeptide. It is also been seen that infections, damage to the brain, trauma and toxins along with psychological stress also contribute to the disorder as established by the narcolepsy research near me. But there is hope in the community with new treatments being undertaken.

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