Nose Rings And Some Of It’s Cool Facts

Nose rings are little jewelry pieces which are either pierced in the nose or even studs are used for accessorizing purpose.

Why are nose rings such a cool fashion statement these days among teens?

  • They go well with any hair types.
  • Not only the females but males too wear nose rings for fashion.
  • Not only circular, these come in various other shapes too.
  • You can wear two of these little ones just for a change, you see!
  • You can still keep it simple and go for the regular basic look, always in vogue.
  • Got a hair colored? Still, it’s not an issue; this still will suit your look.
  • Crazy for selfies? This look of yours will always gain you an extra like!
  • You can combine various styles to make it look fancy.
  • Just one or two, why not a crazy lot of them? To make it look all the funnier.

Nose rings in India and its significance:

In India, mostly the Hindu females get their nose pierced at an early age; it mainly is done in the honor of Goddess Parvathi who is known as the Goddess of marriage. In some parts of India, the females never take off their nose rings once they are married off since nose rings are considered a symbol of marriage. But nowadays even unmarried females and young little girls wear them for fun and fashion purposes without any holy significance.

Types of nose rings available in India:

  • The mukhtars are from Karnataka and Tamilnadu
  • Nature and the Bharatiya are typically worn by the Rajasthani females.
  • In Uttar Pradesh, the females grace themselves with the nose ring that is called Nath
  • In Punjab, it is known as shikarpuri nath
  • Chhuchhi or also called the land is worn by females in Bihar
  • Guchhedar Nath is the typical nose ring worn in Maharashtra

Some of these rings are so huge that they cover a large area of the mouth thus making it difficult while eating or even talking. These basically happen in the tribal or rural parts of the country with typical traditional culture.  There are different kinds of nose rings ranging from the heavy beaded ones to the simple gold ones. So choose the one that suits your attire and personality of course.


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